OverPlay VPN is a popular company which is known for their advance SmartDNS+VPN packages which is designed to download media file. Today we are sharing true review of OverPlayVPN which will help you to decide whether to purchase their membership or not

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Prices and Plans:

Currently OverPlay VPN is offering two different types of plans to purchase which did not only comes up with different monthly and yearly prices but also with different features. Their standard package called SmartDNS which is designed to provide services like unblocking restricted websites, it cost only $4.95 per month only but you can save 15% if you purchase their yearly package in $49.95. The other package is called SmartDNS+VPN which is their high speed internet connection with ability to play media files smoothly. This cost only $9.95 per month but you can save 16% by purchase yearly package in $99.95 only.


OverPlay VPN is offering several payment moths like Credit card and PayPal but there is no other option available to make purchase specially with Bitcoins or any other online money transfer option.

Features of OverPlay VPN:

SmartDNS and SmartDNS+VPN has so much to offer you in terms of VPN features. It is true that they both comes up with different features, specially SmartDNS+VPN has more advance features but they both shared the basic features of VPN which you should not missed.

  • Zero traffic logs: OverPlay VPN offers zero traffic logs policy which means that they did not record their users activity at all.
  • Access to blocked websites: By using any of their package, you can get access of blocked media and websites easily anywhere.
  • Unlimited region switching: There are more than 40 region in OverPlay VPN servers list. You get option to switch any region without any limit.
  • Unlimited server switching: If you are not happy with the downloading speed of a server, the company allow you to switch as many as times you want.
  • 5 days money back guarantee: The company offers 5 days money back guarantee. You will get full money back if you are not happy with their services.
  • Unlimited peer-to-peer traffic: OverPlay VPN allow you to downloading content through p2p networks with no data restriction.
  • 400+ servers in 40+ countries: There are more than 400+ VPN servers of OverPlay VPN which are located in 40+ countries.
  • Customizes applications: OverPlay VPN also gives the access of their customized application which allow you to use VPN on any operating system.

Downloading Speed:


The downloading speed of OverPlay VPN depends on the package you have purchased. As mentioned before, the company comes up with totally new package called SmartDNS+VPN for those users who want to use VPN for downloading and media files purposes, so you will get excellent speed if you have purchased this package. But it does not mean that their basic VPN package does not offers you high quality speed. For browsing purpose, their basic VPN package is also best. We have tested their speed on different several and found excellent request. The downloading and uploading speed was almost same what we were getting without VPN connection. There was not any specific impact or difference on internet speed as compare to ISP speed without VPN.

Customer Support:

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OverPlay VPN offer 24 hours live chat option to get support from their team. They also created a separate portal to help their customer with their problems related to VPN. Through their knowledge bank, you can get answer of all your questions easily but still if you did not found the answer then you can chat with support team online, send them an email or write your problem through ticket system. In short, in terms of getting customer support, OverPlay VPN is an excellent choice as compare to related VPN companies.